Hello Kitty Teaches Lizz to Speed Read

I don't have an iPhone, which, upon admission I have found my way into may an Android vs. iPhone debate. I'm not going to go into that right now. The thing about iPhone's that I do envy is that cool apps go there first. Like Vine. If you're not familiar with Vine (you should be), it's a video sharing app that Twitter owns that enables users to make quick 6 second videos with quick cut capabilities. It's been called the "instagram for video". In short, it's awesome and I want it. But I don't have an iPhone so I can't have it.

Luckily I have friends with iPhones who shoot vine videos for me anyway.



I come from a fairly musical family. If you know me and have spent any considerable amount of time with you know that I sing. A lot. Growing up in a close knit church community, song is an everyday part of life. At dinner my mom even had a "no singing at the dinner table" rule.

I played the violin and piano when I was young like any good korean child, but being a strong willed adolescent with ADHD I quit both of those. (One of my biggest regrets to this day). I got a guitar when I was 14 for Christmas, and since that was 13 years ago you would think I'd be amazing at it. But I'm not. I'm okay, but I never spend enough time on it to really get the hang of it. I can play most of the main chords- and easy songs, but I'm no Jimi Hendrix. Or Danny Kim for that matter. :)

I went to Hawaii a couple months ago and really developed a cultural crush. I loved the easy going nature of the people there, the hula ceremony, the beautiful beaches. Recently we visited a Hawaiian bar in Japantown and there was a Ukulele player who performed. Two girls in the audience happened to be native Hawaiians and knew the hula dances to a couple of the songs he played and jumped up there and danced with him. It was really beautiful. That's when I decided I had to play the ukulele.

My Lanikai concert size ukulele arrived the other day and I am OBSESSED. I obsess easily, I have that sort of addictive personality- but I literally went home from work and played the ukulele for 5 hours straight. My fingers hurt. My cats went unfed and were very angry with me, so I finally snapped out of it and ate some food and fed the cats. And then recorded this.


So I will be honest, it isn't very good. It was my first time playing the uke, though, and I plan on getting a lot better.

So this is the benchmark. Let's see how much better I get next time.

Baby Got BaaAaack

[youtube]I used to make rap songs into musical theatre songs in college because, well, I was in theatre. I re-did one of them for a good friend. Enjoy!