On Love and Sadness

Life is full of loss isn't it? Full of disappointment and sadness and so. much. loss.Recent events have brought up a lot of thoughts surrounding the subject. I've developed a hypothesis about it, however, that I think is pretty solid.

You should be sad.

There it is.

I find that when something happens, when you experience a loss- people are understanding and supportive. But often times there is an unspoken time limit where they expect you to return to normal. The fact is that sometimes you never do. Some losses are so deep that they change you forever- and THAT'S OK.

Everyone grieves in their own way, and some grief is much more subtle than others.

The thing about grief, though, is that it is a very tricky thing. It hits you like a hurricane- tumultuous and blinding, seemingly never ending. And then it quiets down and you try to pick up the pieces after the storm. Things return to a relative degree of normal and you carry on. Then the grief whispers something to you in a quiet moment and you're back where you started. Broken.

But I really feel like people are not meant to be whole at all times. It's sort of what's great about people. We're such emotional beings- designed with such a full range of emotions to experience.

Our happiness is tempered by our sadness, and our pride tempered by our shame- we are meant to feel all of these emotions, and it's silly to try not to.

Bottom line is we are humans. We should be sad. We should be happy. We should allow ourselves to FEEL things more often, and be more understanding when other people do too.

I've experienced loss, we all have. What I took away from it is that is that life is too fleeting to take anything or anyone for granted. The people we meet that walk in and out of our lives shape our own lives- and no interaction should ever be taken lightly.

So yes. Friend. You should be sad. And when the tide of sadness subsides take comfort in your love and in life, because that is what life is really about.